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We’re fully stocked with Eco Lips Mongo Kiss and One world lip balms! In 6 yummy flavors and one unflavored balm, all of the ingredients are organic, fair trade, gmo free, gluten free and cruelty free 😝✨✨✨ Mongo Kiss balms are 2.49 and the One world balms ( in biodegradable tubes) are 5.99 grab some today! #earthshealingcafe #dreathejuiceman #aye #crueltyfreebeauty (at 111 E. Wacker)

I’ve been eating raw until 3pm Monday-Saturday this month and I feel incredible😝.I was just going to do it for this month but I feel so good ( and dropped an unplanned 5lbs) that I may just stick with it😁 Sounds like something you’d be into? check out my amazing boss’ site for meal ideas and follow her on twitter @rawfoodmealplanner ✨✨✨ #rawvegan #planahead #eatclean

9.25.14 Treated Tribe Installation at @chichopshop ! 18+ Come see me perform a few tunes with my brothers ✨🙌🙏👑#TreatedCrew

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Treated Tribe practice ▪️▪️▪️▪️9.25.14 at @chichopshop The Chop Shop in wicker park, 18+ pre sale $10 on @ticketfly $15 at the door be in that bitch 😝👑 #squaaaaad #onlyfemaleinmycrew

Treated Tribe practice ▪️▪️▪️▪️🙌 #squaaaaad #onlyfemaleinmycrew

Ninja squaaaaaad ✨✨✨ #TreatedTribe #Y3

#kidmagnet 😝

Courtney trynna get me for my Louis ✨✨ #drealuhdakids #familytime